Frequently Asked Questions


How do you pronounce Mave?

Say it like "May-ev" :)

Can I use Mave outside India

You bet! Organizations all over the world use our services today. In a global economy, it is common for business operations to span multiple regions, bound by complex reporting requirements. Mave offers various settings to simplify the complexity of global operations.

  • System of measurement (Imperial versus Metric)
  • Time zone settings (configured for each user)
  • Time format settings (12-hour versus 24-hour)
  • Date format settings (e.g. month/day/year versus day/month/year)
  • Currency settings (most major currencies are supported)

Which browsers does Mave's Cloud Softwares support?

Our Cloud Tools works best on more modern browsers. Specifically we support Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Firefox 43 and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher and Microsoft Edge.

Is there a mobile app for your tools?

Mave gives you the power of support on small screen devices while on-the-go. While we are about to launch our mobile app for various tools very soon !

Both mobile apps will be available on iOS and Android and will be free to Mave customers!

How often do you release updates?

Constantly! We release small tweaks and bug fixes on a daily basis, and larger updates every week or two. The best part? There is nothing to install, no effort on your part, and no interruption to your operations. We handle all the updates, hosting and other IT headaches. All you have to do is use the Mave softwares, preferably with a smile :)

We keep you informed about new features and releases via email , notifications and call-outs. and blog posts.

Subscription and billing

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and Rupay

Can you send us an invoice so we can pay by cheque?

Sure thing, but you'll have to prepay for a full year. The good news is that you will receive a discount for purchasing an annual plan. Email or call to get started.

Can I use Mave's Scooby for personal clinic?

Absolutely! Anyone looking for a good way to track patients, invoicing, e-prescriptions, daybook, or personal notes is welcome to use Scooby.

Accounts and Users

What is the difference between an Account, a Contact and a User?

A Mave Account is the container for your organization as a whole. The Account is configured with various organization-wide Settings, and holds the data records which include your Monthly Billing details, products & services purchased, Contacts and more. Each Mave Account is separate from a billing perspective, and each has its own billing information.

A Contact is a record to store information for any individual whom you either employ or do business with. A Contact does NOT have access to the Mave Account. A User is enabled with the ability to log in and "use" the Mave tools. These records include all of the same basic information as Contacts, but they are much more powerful.

How do permissions work? Can I control access to my data?

Mave has a customizable permission system so that you can control which users have access to what data in your cloud software.

Roles determine what actions a User can take, and Record Sets determine which data records (Patient's info, prescriptions and billing) a User can view.

Data Import, Export and Reports

Can I import my data from another system, or from a spreadsheet we've been using?

We know that you work with data from a variety of sources and that you may be transitioning from a different maintenance management software. Mave offers built-in data import capability for a variety of record types, including patient details, invoices, prescriptions and more. You just need to get your information into a template spreadsheet or SQL file. Contact us, and let's chat about it!

Can I customize Tests and prices in Mave's Cloud tools

Yes! Mave includes over 100 pre-built tests to cover a wide range of your data needs which you can always update as add more as much as you want !.

Vehicles and equipment

Does Mave work for Networking and CCTV services as well?

mave is flexible enough to work for ANY technology that you would like to maintain: commericial level cameras of all kinds, IP Cams, heavy industrial wiring, Cisco based networking, creating VLan, VPN, managing WAN, managing your PCs, servers, all kinds of computer hardware and more. You can set up preventative maintenance schedules, log services and track expenses, with having maintenance contracts with us.

Can I track daily revenue on your cloud tools

Yes! You can track revenue in your currency, patient records, track number of patients visits each hour and more.

Do I have to buy any hardware to use mave's Cloud tools?

Nope! Mave works without the need for higher end specific PC or devices, so there's no upfront cost or additional purchase required to start using the mave's software for your healthcare organisations..

Maintenance and Service

Can I set up custom maintenance or service for my healthcare centres

Yes, we call these Service Tasks in Mave. The contract comes with a pre-defined list of common tasks but you may add, edit and delete Tasks to suit your maintenance needs.

Easily manage your healthcare industry with Mave.