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We came to Mave, India with a vision for our website. you listened, that vision with your constructive criticism and insight, produced a very attractive website!.

Deal Inc,

I use Mave for all of my offshore projects currently. Team is well qualified and have incredible level of professionalism..


Finding mave was the best thing we could have done for our web application management!

United Kingdom

A++ customer service. Cloud softwares are built with a clean, modern structure & design.


I operate a clinic of 30 plus staff and I am a one man department. Mave's' StepMed is the only radiology lab management database that keeps my head above water. If it weren’t for this product I would be drowning in endless excel worksheets or constantly being hounded by other software companies that want me to purchase different modules or maintenance packages. The great thing about this is with the constant changes in technology, Mave is on top of it.

Dr. Mary,

Easy to use and captures the right data.

Dr Pankaj Kaushik,
Agra, India

Overall, this product is outstanding. My staff have taken to it very naturally. Very intuitive.

Dr Vineet Chauhan,
Agra, India

Scooby clinic management tool is such an easy platform to use. It's like having my own helpful friend at my side throughout the day; reducing stress and keeping details in order.

Dr Kunjal,

Why does our industry settle for software that looks like software from two decades ago? Mave raises the bar.

Dr Mark,
Isle of Wight

User friendly team which makes it very easy for us to track repairs; one less thing that I have to do :)

Axis Imaging , Agra

Saves money. In the nonprofit world that is something we are always looking for.

Vishal Gupta
PG Electroplast, Delhi

Mave takes all the worry out of the CCTV maintenance.

Canara Bank

Friendly team and the Mave staff is always there to help in my centre's networking issues


The value of everything I can manage is more than worth the cost - my radiology centre

Dr Rahul,

Software is great and integrates with networking solutions really well.

Dr Ajay Bullagan,
Axis Imaging Centre, Agra

Amazing solutions for gadget lovers.


A must have for Healthcare Centre managers!

Gurugram , India

I love the freedom that you get to mold the software to your needs.

Dr Rakesh,
Indian Railways, Mumbai

mave is an excellent organization to effectively install enterprise level networking solutions.

Noida, India

StepMed is hands down the most user friendly software on the market. I was able to login and immediately start using it for my radiology lab. It only took us a few days to get the entire centre set up and up to speed with the application.

Dr Ashish
KGMC, Lucknow

Mave has been one of the best, if not the most valuable SaaS we’ve invested in. It has completely revamped the way we have taken care of.


Don’t take their word for it. See mave tools for yourself!

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A great team for our shoe industry needs, helping us keep track and managing our computers.

Inder Khera,
Agra, India

Great team to manage our website top to bottom. And the website built by them is user friendly with excellent tech support!

Neelson Overseas

Integration options for automatic updating of our documents and spreadsheets. Makes keeping track of maintenance a breeze.

Henry A,

Mave has exponentially helped to streamline our health care unit.

Dr. Jay Zimmerman,

The most skilled team i have ever yet.

Dr Meenakshi,
Agra, India

I'm pretty sure that Medasta is the best maintenance solution out there for pathology lab. Awesome product & support!

Dr Jindal,
Khurja, India

Very user friendly and e prescritopn system is great in Scooby!

Dr Gary,
New Hampshire

Great solution. Keeps getting better.

Dr Nupur,
Axis Imaging, Agra

Easy to use and set up. Love the prescription system and alerts.

Dr Hardik,

The Mave psychiatry software is so user friendly and very professional, utilizing state of the art technology and improving all the time! I will give It my highest recommendation! Keep up the excellent work.

Dr Subodh,
NHS Trust , UK

The system has helped me control the patients records, their treatment plan and costing , and it is very easy to use.

Sarang, Clinical Psychologist,

Great services and amazing deployment on time by the engineers at Mave. It’s awesome!

PG Electroplast,
Greater Noida

Great way to keep my PCs running flawless with their maintenance contract.

Anil K,

We love your product Ganz security and the functionality of it. I have 5 years worth of good experience in it.

Shreyansh Shah,

It's easy to use. It also takes the place of a person having to do all the work.

HP, Bangalore

Superior customer service, quick fixes to problems, overall fantastic product!

New Mexico

Robust, straight forward clinical management web app that's priced attractively.

Dr Dhaval,

Ease of use, easy to keep track of patients, schedule and generate prescriptions.

Dr. Vora,

You have the best interface, and the support is just amazing. I can find pretty much everything I need in Stepmed.

Dr. Shalani,

Great products in desktops for good price.


I have used Scooby for last three months and it keeps getting better. Comprehensive clinic management regardless of the size of your staff.

Dr. Alina Stoita,

Excellent networking product and servcies. Very user friendly wifi system at my home and pretty safe


Great product and great customer service. Rare for an IT company to be strong in both areas.

Dr. Anurag,

Scooby clinic management has been the most adaptable and convenient software for our needs.

Dr. Manika Khanna,

Ganz is a great product.


It’s a very easy program that tracks more than my brain could! I love how all my invoices are electronic and the reminder section is awesome!

Dr Priti Gupta,

Prompt customer services, meets an important need for us.


Great software, networking integrations, service included and cool secuirty solutions. Customer service has been great when we've needed it.

Fortis , Noida

Very intuitive offers. User friendly cloud tools. Cost effective solution.

Dr. Shabeer,