Business Consulting


Move the application environment from one that simply reacts to business needs to one that proactively supports innovation and growth.

As Big Data grows, so do the challenges of using it for strategic benefit. However, legacy applications lack the functionality to make them proactive and responsive to new business needs. They aren't sufficiently integrated to provide business users with a single view of business-critical information. They lack visibility into the extended relationships hidden within data and across applications.

The Mave Platform provides a single view of all critical business data, as well as extended relationships among data in the applications used every day, so the business can be more responsive and agile. The Platform harnesses the power of Big Data for competitive insight and improved business operations.


Mave offers comprehensive Application Services that allow organizations to successfully balance quality, cost and performance. Our Application Services, ranging from custom application development to consulting, enable us to create new capabilities for client application portfolios, enabling them to better adapt to evolving business needs. With focus on end-to-end integration, Mave helps organizations leverage their legacy systems, even within new environments, in order to attain rapid and sustainable value.

Growing application dependency and dynamism of the enterprise's business environment require organizations to derive more out of its IT investments in its endeavor to align IT to business objectives. In this context, the need to ensure that your applications are at their peak performance with minimum downtime becomes critical. Mave's Application Management portfolio, by leveraging our vast experience in the application space, ensures that your enterprise has a reliable and available application eco-system through proactive 24X7 monitoring and performance tuning.


During the Business Optimization Analysis process,your organization may be faced with the need to upgrade to new versions or make a number of significant updates to the current system. These actions are essential to ensure the longevity ofyour system and ultimately, the health of your business. In order to determine your specific needs, Mave must perform the Business Optimization Analysis, which guides your business from the identification and analysis of application erosion to the development of recommendations.

Start-Up/Pre-Analysis - The customer fills out an form / questionnaire,which provides the Mave consultant with the basic information they need before making their first on site visit.

Meeting - Mave will use this time not only to explain BOA objectives and processes,but also to gain a better understanding of the customer's business objectives and unique challenges.

Discussions - Key users are interviewed to establish application erosion, identify the issues within the system and explore any opportunities for improvement.

Customization Review - The consultant reviews all of the existing customization within the organization and key users in order to understand the role that each customization plays in the business.

Implement the Recommendations - Mave consultants assist the organization in moving towards "Operational Excellence"


Software development trends are shifting towards mitigating risks and maximizing productivity. An agile framework allows organizations to use flexible plans that can be modified to adapt to a dynamic environment. Mave leverages its extensive experience and expertise in Agile Software Development to provide solutions that help organizations increase return on investment. Our agile software development solutions further help organizations attain benefits such as, lower costs, high degree of security and reduced time-to-market.

The key drivers of a successful Birlasoft Agile Program are:

  • Iterative development
  • Test driven development with
  • continuous integration
  • Weekly scrum meetings
  • Active backlog management