Computer Hardware Maintenance

How to take care of your Computer?

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What is included in preventive maintenance?

Most people believe that preventative maintenance programs are only for the visible components of the computer. That is not true. Computer hardware maintenance also includes the not-so-visible components of the computer. Typically, you perform preventative maintenance at the system level and physical level.

  • Physical Level Maintenance

    This is where we clean the physical components of the computer. Clean the keyboard to ensure that you remove the dust sitting between the keys. It’s important to remove and clean the fans that help maintain CPU temperature.

  • System Level Maintenance

    System-level maintenance ensures that your operating system runs in an optimized manner. Check your hardware drivers and download and install their latest versions. There are also a lot of programs in your system that you do not use. Remove these programs and clean up the disk space so you can install more useful programs.

  • Disk Management

    A lot of people make the mistake of not fragmenting their hard drive. This can cause a major data loss in adverse situations and even cause system slowdown. So, we regularly defragment your hard disk and create multiple drives.

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Hardware maintenance and care

At Mave we have been providing on-site hardware maintenance services at our customer’s premises since 2012. The typical range of computer hardware equipment that our customers have on maintenance contract with us are Servers, Backup devices, UPS, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Printers, Laptop PCs and much more. We provide our range of services throughout India and abroad. Our engineers operate from our offices in the regions they serve so our customers can be certain of a quick and efficient response to logged calls. Our engineers carry a full range of typical anticipated spare parts and are normally able to fix the logged fault on the first visit. This is one of our key service aims for our customers: to save our time and your time and to minimise our customers’ concerns in having to wait for parts to be delivered to site. Our customers are able to choose from a choice of service levels and response times to match their specific requirements and budgets.

The key Hardware Maintenance services are:

Whether you outsource maintenance or conduct it in-house, Mave enables you to streamline your workflows and ensure all your system information stays up to date.

  • Intensive Care Service

    Response : to your call within 4 working hours. If our engineer cannot repair the fault on-site, we will endeavour to install loan equipment whilst your equipment is being repaired. Annual unit cost covers parts, on-site labour and loan equipment where appropriate.

  • Server Care Service

    This incorporates Intensive Care, i.e. hardware fixes but goes on to reinstall or re-build the network operating system, application software and relevant data. Time scales cannot be predicted although a work through would be normal practice, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Annual unit cost covers parts, on-site labour and loan equipment where appropriate.

Easy to keep track of maintenance, schedule servicing and check roasters.

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