Network Maintenance & Support

Mave provides world-class support and maintenance for Networking Infrastructure products.

Over 1,20,000 items inspected and resolved to date.

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Eliminate paperwork

Eliminate Paperwork

View Network issues, submit photos and add comments all from your mobile device or computer. With less to enter and data automatically received to Mave's Team, you'll save loads of time over traditional paper processes without costly added hardware.

Be complient

Be Compliant

Schedule your site for network maintenance and alert staff when inspections are due. Inspection history is accessible through our roasters at anytime, ensuring our team can produce necessary work status for transparency.

Resolve issues

Address Issues Immediately

Call our team with dedicated support numbers and take action instantly when network critically fail. Instead of waiting for paper forms to cross their desks, administrators are alerted to issues promptly and your site can get back on the work faster.

Network Management: How It Works

We take up AMCs for both currently Available and EOSL Products ranging from Switches, Routers, Wireless controllers and Security products.We have expertise in Cisco, Juniper and HP Networking product lines. Our Network Maintenance supports is equivalent to the support levels provided by any OEM at substantially lesser cost thus helps customer reduce expenditure on Network Infrastructure managements


The site staff face issues and records findings in mobile app and push the same to us.


Results appear in our panel and our available engineers are automatically informed.


The team takes prompt action and the issues are resolved and recorded against the original inspections report.


The site owners or staff can place order for their equipments with our B2B service system.


Immediately the logistic department is informed and the order is dispatched without any delay.


Easy, Reliable Electronic worksheet / Roaster

Relieve your staff from the burden of paper work and forms and improve management quality, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Unlike paper, electronic inspection reports are accessible anytime, anywhere with us, even in areas without internet connection.

  • Hand held phone

    Offline mobile access

  • Instructions

    Important instructions

  • Mobile upload

    Upload photos and comments

  • Alarm reminder

    Set reminders

  • Compliance


  • Data consistency

    Data consistency - Real time entries

Tailored forms

Server Maintenance & Support

Mave offers Service and Support for data center server equipment for OEMs like Dell, IBM and HP. With expertise in both x86 and UNIX environments need to keep your server equipment up and running. Along with server support, we can also provide FMS assistance.

  • Form builder

    On-Site Troubleshooting

  • Form fields

    Existing server Up grdation

  • Customize form

    Customized Maintenance Contract


Network Maintenance

If you are limited on resources or if your infrastructure is complex including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points and wireless LAN controllers, we have network solution portfolio committed to maintaining solutions for Government, IT/ITES and larger enterprises.

  • Scheduling


  • Workflows

    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Precision

    Precise actions

"We reduced our time spent on network issues by 65% and hourly maintenance costs by $1,500 in the first 45 days."

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DC Klinieken Lairesse, Amsterdam

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Storage Maintenance & Support

We have a long history of innovation in support services for SAN/NAS & Flash array storages, but our latest capability of cloud storage system is a revolution that will change the way you look at saving time and increasing availability.

  • Gps tracking

    Data transfer facility

  • Graph

    On-demand cloud storage

  • Export pdfs

    On-site Troubleshooting

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Monitoring, tuning and optimizing the network

One of the core facilitators of an effective network maintenance solution or strategy is proactive monitoring. Proactive monitoring allows potential problems to be detected and remedied before they cause an outage or affect operation. Event logging and network monitoring can be used to proactively react to network or system alerts

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