Clinic Management

Increase profitability with all-in-one clinic management software

Scooby covers the workflow and practices ranging from solo general practitioners/ specialists to polyclinics environment. It serves not only walk-in patients, but also daily planning and activity either based upon centralized or decentralized booking environment. It is a powerful tool that can offer a better health assistance (in its technical, economic and patient's satisfaction components).

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Patient Management

Know anything and everything about patient's record at your clinic.

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Appointment Scheduling

You or your staff can book appointments for your patients through the web or mobile. This can be for clinic visits or online consultations. You can view the appointment schedule for the whole practice or selectively for specific health providers in a calendar or list view.

Update Status

Your staff and patients can confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. This will be alerted to you and the status can be viewed in different colours in your appointment calendar. We help you streamline management of your health practice.

View patient profiles

Patient profiles, including their medical history and health conditions can be viewed with a simple search to review their health records prior to the appointment and reminders about upcoming appointments to ensure better time management.

Consultation Notes, Prescriptions and Billing

Speed up the medication reconciliation process. See why our e-prescribing was ranked #1

Expense management

Consultation notes can also include invoices and bills for clinic consultations and services which patients can pay immediately. Bills and invoices are emailed with your clinic branding and logo on the letter-head.

Record Consultations

Create and share consultation notes based on the patient's health condition. Subscribe them to a monitoring plan, define goals and also book a follow-up appointment during clinic consultations


Create or modify medications and send e-prescriptions, along with consultation notes to your patients on your clinic letter-head.

Revenue & Dashboards

Track revenue generated with Reports and details

Stay informed in real time

View exceptions and your most important metrics at-a-glance on an intuitive day book dashboard. Customize data visualization and drill down into any metric to see detailed revenue geeneration.

Data insight at your fingertips

View simple, intuitive revenue graphs on everything from cost per patient metrics to daily revenue and monthly. With your data all in one system, details stays timely, accurate and actionable.

Costing and Reports

Define costs for all clinic services, on your Virtual Practice. Review revenue reports for all your Virtual Practice services, all payments received from patients and identify the various services that are generating income for your practice.

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