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Harness the power of technology to meet your business goals with our Modern Networks IT and telecoms managed services

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We offer tailored Network services to support individual businesses

We provide our clients with the highest quality hardware and networking devices that we know from experience yield the best performance, reliability and value for money. We’ll help you with every decision you make but we’ll never push a product you don’t need.

Our Hardware & Network services include

Applications and Cloud
  • Manage and provide latest business applications
  • Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Web content Filterning and SSL
  • Enterprise level Antivirus, Firewalls, etc
PCs and Servers
  • Modern Networks and PC Leasing
  • Latest Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Enterprise level Servers to meet you business needs
  • Computer peripherals for all types of businesses
24/7 Technical Support
  • Fast and Reliable IT Technical Support
  • Support by email and telephone
  • Highly experienced engineers for onsite support
  • IT and Network Consultancy to manage your organization.
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The Network support company

Modern IT systems are constantly changing – new versions of software, new working practices and the ever-growing threat from malicious software mean that all networks need ongoing maintenance and management.

  • We manage and move all of your IT infrastructure into the cloud
  • Finding the right in-house IT team is difficult, Let us take care.
  • Never pay for rejected work
  • You can outsource to a specialist IT support provider like us.

Outsourced and on-site support for SMEs

Since we began in 2012, we’ve worked with a number of SMEs across a variety of sectors, including banks, healthcare industries, multinational corporates and NHS trusts. We provide both outsourced and on-site support.

  • We can provide a one-stop shop for SMEs
  • Procurement, installation and support of everything your IT systems need..
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Analyze maintenance spend with detailed reports
  • We provide both outsourced and on-site support.
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Support service for large organizations

When working with larger organisations in comparison to SME’s, such as global organisations, we adapt our services to provide the support needed.

  • We supply specialist skills in areas such as firewalls and VPNs
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery planning and virtualisation.
  • We’re also Microsoft Authorised Resellers
  • We can provide tailored IT support and any necessary equipment
  • No credit card required for our services
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Improve purchasing efficiency and get a single statement

Get a single, centralized invoice for all maintenance work performed (including all your equipments), eliminating hours of tedious back office work.

  • Receive a single, consolidated monthly bill
  • Quickly reconcile monthly statements with us
  • Stay in good standing with us ( payment accepted in all feasible modes)
  • No interest or late fees
  • Free, 24/7 online work information
  • Guarantee security on all products provided by us
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Enjoy National network benefits

Our growing network of over multiple offices includes trusted national providers and over 10 independent offices in India to help you efficiently manage outsourced maintenance.

  • Exclusive discounts at national providers
  • No specific requirements for national pricing
  • Invite any of your team to join the network
  • One consolidated bill for all our clients

With a client retention rate of almost 100%, extremely low staff turnover and new clients frequently jumping on board, our approach definitely works for both our staff and clients, keeping everyone happy.
See what customers are saying:

Friendly and familiar staff - Unlike most other IT support companies, we have virtually no staff turnover. This means that our clients can get to know the engineers here and work with the same people across a number of projects.


Information Security and Quality standards - We’re committed to quality and security when it comes to our clients’ IT systems, so we comply with CMMI as well as the GDPR guidelines and all our staff are regularly DBS-checked.

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Hardware and Networking

Manage your IT infrastructure budget with predictable, controllable costs.

Eliminate the cost and headache of multiple service providers.

Scale support quickly and easily.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology

Access critical skill sets

Re-focus on your core business and managing more strategic initiatives, while receiving the best IT infrastructure support available.

Advice and guidance on acquisition of computers, components and peripherals.

Diagnosis and/or repair of PC hardware and peripherals.
Installation of components to upgrade existing equipment.
Installation and configuration of new PCs from preferred vendors with a CCS image

Hardware and Image support for Apple Mac Desktops (iMac) and Notebooks (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air).

A booming economy has fuelled innumerous organizations to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks - The Backbone of organizational growth.

outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers can yield you significant cost savings and business benefits

administer nearly 100% through very advanced management tools with remote delivery model.

"Design - Implement - Consult - Engineering" (DICE Model) to offer cutting-edge networking solutions.

(Application-aware, usage-based and virtualized environment) to enterprises.

Elcos and OEMs for the entire Network Lifecycle Management and Optimization.

LAN management, WAN management.

WLAN management.

Network System Integration Services, Managed switches, Routers, Satellites, Vlan setup, Cable management, Patch panels, etc

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