Look no further than Mave's Electrical Services when choosing an electrician for your home.

Trouble Shooting

  • We respond to service calls ASAP, scheduling at our customers convenience
  • Underground Cable Tracing, Tripping, Arc fault, Ground fault breakers, Loss of power, Malfunctioning lighting

Small Installations

  • Ceiling fans, added Receptacles, Timers, Dehumidifiers
  • Lighting upgrades, Recessed lighting, Landscaping and security lighting
  • Service upgrades and panel changes
  • Extending electricity to outbuildings


We renovate Kitchens, Bathroom, Porches, Bedrooms, Laundry, Finished Basements and Bonus Rooms

New Construction

We wire houses from the ground up!


Requirements analysis : A document that defines the actual requirements of the software including business rules, user interfaces, navigation, reporting, and software integration definitions.

Process flow : We prefer to document process flow. The resulting design document shows each software requirement and its relationship to other components of the custom database application.

Database definition : Before database development or database programming can start, it is important to have an accurate database design and a document listing actual data requirements, database table contents, index structures, and table relationships. A normalized database is essential for a high reliability, high performance, and database application development. The database design may also include stored procedure, database triggers, and referential integrity specifications.

User interface : A definition of the user interface requirements containing screen layouts, data elements, sequence of entry, and error reporting requirements. In a custom database software design the interface may also specify fonts, colors, and screen organization to create a seamless appearance when joined with other web pages or business software applications.



  • We offer full maintenance for institutions, businesses, and industry, from simple service calls, to continual maintenance contracts and turn key solutions.
  • Troubleshooting, Underground cable tracing, Insulation testing, Load testing, Ballast replacement

Small Installations

  • Service Relocation/Upgrades Panel, Upgrades Septic System, PowerGenerators/Transfer Switches
  • Retail Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Emergency Lighting

New Construction